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The Daisy Garland charity was set up in November 2004 to keep Daisy's memory alive and to help other little children like her.

We fund an increasing number of Ketogenic Dietitians who work in National Health Hospitals treating hundreds of children with intractable epilepsy.

We are the only charity funding full-time Ketogenic Dietitians working within NHS hospitals nationwide - each dietitian costs up to £47,000 per annum. If you think you could help us fund our next Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian go to HOW YOU CAN HELP. Be in touch today.

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Latest news

Leeds Dietitian Team Go Keto!

Oct 16th, 2018

We have some hugely exciting news to share with you!
Alison Craig our Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian and the fabulous team at Leeds are going keto!

Please be sure to follow their ketogenic journey on our Facebook page and give them a big cheer for their incredible dedication. 

Alison told us...
"Type 'keto' into your search engine and you'll retrieve > 77 million results! It has become the latest fad claiming to help you lose weight, improve energy, run longer and look younger... who wouldn't want to give it a go?! For approximately a third of the 60,000 children with epilepsy in the UK (1) whose seizures have not responded to appropriate AEDs the 'keto' diet is much more than just a fad but is an NHS recommended treatment (2) that can transform lives.

There are currently 39 NHS ketogenic centres in the UK (3) [The Daisy Garland have funded 21 Ketogenic Dietitians]. As a Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian at Leeds Children's Hospital I work alongside 3 other ketogenic dietitians, a ketogenic dietetic assistant, Paediatric Neurologist and two epilepsy nurses. Our tertiary service covers North + West Yorkshire along with Hull and the East Riding. The service has been running since 2002 and 100's of children have been treated with the ketogenic diet with varying results.

The ketogenic diet was first developed in the early 1920s (4) and has been shown to be successful in managing drug resistant epilepsy by improving seizure control(5), reducing use of AEDs(6), improved alertness, cognition, responsiveness and social adaption (7) and has fewer side effects than AEDs(8).

It came to our attention this summer that other NHS keto teams were putting themselves forward to try the ketogenic diet in order to know what their patients experience. So from the 13th-27th October 2018 the Leeds Keto Team are jumping on the band wagon in going keto! As fully qualified dietitians we know the theory, we've implemented it with numerous patients and seen the results but we haven't fully experienced the practicalities, the day-to-day meal preparation, the frequent testing or the side effects!

Journey with us as we experience the diet in it's full glory! From working up our individual ketogenic prescriptions, meal planning (finding celeriac in the supermarket!), experimenting with prescribable and non-prescribable products (and how our bodies respond). We will be sure to keep you posted!

(Alison - far right - with the Leeds team)

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