What you can do

Each Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian costs up to £45,000 per annum. Ketogenic Dietitians are not funded by the NHS and we are the only charity funding these dietitians in the UK.

If you think you could help us fund our next Ketogenic Dietitian your donation, no matter how small, would be gratefully received.

Please donate below or contact us.

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How to support us

How to Donate without Spending any Money

With the credit crunch nipping at our heels and our purses we can't always be as generous as we would like. One charity after another is in competition for our spare pennies so it's a pleasure to announce that The Daisy Garland can benefit from your charitable spirit with no extra cost to you. Interested?

The free ways to support The Daisy Garland

1) Sign up to the search engine EveryClick. It's free, it's easy and it's a great way to help children with epilepsy. Sign up at everyclick.com/daisy-garland/670703/1006567/info

2) Each time you buy from Amazon The Daisy Garland will receive 5% of your total spending with no extra cost to you but only if you access Amazon via The Daisy Garland website. And here's how - Simply click here and wait for the Amazon page to come up. Type the name of the product you want into the Search Box and away you go. Amazon has made giving easy so why not give it a try. And remember Amazon is not just about books, you can buy anything from software to soft toys from their website.

3) Place your order by post, phone or at easy2name.com for name tags and labels to sew, iron or stick onto your child's clothing and we will benefit from a 20% commission. It's simple, when you reach the checkout please quote: Daisy Garland TQ9

Schools - The Daisy Garland Charity Needs You

With new hospitals waiting for Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitians this year we need to work doubly hard to raise the £45,000 needed to fund each Dietitian. Can you help us reach our goal?

We are asking schools if they would like to adopt The Daisy Garland as their charity of the month or year. A couple of years ago, Belmont School in Mill Hill held a sponsored swim and raised just under £4,000. If just 5 schools did something similar we would be well on our way to raising the full salary for one Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian. Imagine if 20 schools took part in some form of fund raising activity - The Daisy Garland would be able to give the three hospitals the dietitians they so badly need.

Some Fund Raising Ideas for Schools

Have a Smarties Party - then fill the empty Smarties tubes with small change.

Pyjama Day - ask your teacher if you could wear your pyjamas to school for a day.

Don't say a Word - choose a word you mustn't say for a day, anyone saying that word must pay a fine!

Flower Power - collect small change and make a daisy flower in the playground.

Can you, will you, help us ease the trauma of epilepsy? Click here to contact us for one of our Schools' Charity Information Packs.

Daisy's Amazon Shop powered by

Start your Amazon.co.uk shopping here. We will earn commission on your entire purchase without this costing you a single penny more. So why not tell all your friends & family about it? Thank you for supporting our work to improve the quality of life for children with difficult to control epilepsy.