Rikki is a busy mother of two children and knows first-hand the impact epilepsy has on family life.

“I am very grateful to have been asked to be a Patron of The Daisy Garland. It is a charity that I support with all my heart.

As the parent of a child with epilepsy I fully understand the terrible heartache of watching your child seize. Time stands still and it brings with it an awful sense of loneliness. So many times, I have lain all night with my child holding his wrist, feeling his pulse hoping that there will be no more seizures… and then the daytime dread of what might be ahead?

The Daisy Garland is wonderfully positive. It helps in so many ways from the provision of night-time breathing monitors so children can sleep safely in their own beds, to funding the encouraging and potentially life-changing ketogenic diet supported by specialist Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitians. The Daisy Garland makes us feel less lonely, less care-worn and gives us hope and courage so that we can make a difference to our children’s lives.”

Rikki Londesborough