My beautiful nephew Teddy has Dravet Syndrome causing him to have multiple seizures each day. Before The Daisy Garland helped him to manage his diet he was having seizures up to 10 times a day and was taking multiple medicines leaving him lethargic and lifeless, spending all of his time at home. Following the introduction of the Ketogenic Diet with the help of dieticians from The Daisy Garland, the transformation has been amazing. Teddy has less seizures, can go to a special school and only takes one medication meaning he can play and have fun with his friends. The Daisy Garland receive no NHS funding for the fantastic work they do and they support Teddy and my family in so many ways. My sister- in- law says "The support Sarah gives is amazing...... she will always reply personally with encouragement to any desperate messages I send and there have been many! She is making a difference to so many children and changing medical thinking"
I'm proud to be running the London Marathon to raise money for such a fantastic charity who have helped my family so much. Please sponsor me so that The Daisy Garland can continue to help children like Teddy. Abigail Walker