Ruth Cadoux Josh had his first seizure when he was 5 weeks old. Just one week later, they had already run enough tests to diagnose epilepsy and started him on medication. We spent 4 weeks at that point in Derriford, over his first Christmas. We've been on a rough ride since then, with more ambulance rides and hospital stays than we can count. He's now nearly 2 and a half, and although his seizures are fairly well controlled by medication and don't happen very often, when they do happen they can be catastrophic. This Christmas, we spent 2 weeks at Bristol Children's Hospital with him in a medically induced coma for a week as a result of a 2 hour seizure that would not stop. The Daisy Garland have been there for us through a significant portion of this journey for Josh - they are supportive, understanding, encouraging and uplifting. We want to raise funds for them this Purple Day to support them in continuing their amazing work and as a thank you for how they support our family. Ruth Cadoux