ActiveQuote's CEO Rob Saunders

My first experience of epilepsy was when my son Samuel started having seizures at just 6 months old, his condition was finally diagnosed shortly after his 2nd birthday and it took a further 12 months for us to find him an anti-epileptic drug (AED) that helped to control his condition.

During this difficult period, my wife and I experienced the most terrifying anxiety and frustration as we tried and failed to secure a diagnosis and care plan to help our little boy.

At 3 years old, we thought we’d found an AED to control Samuel’s seizures as he went just over 9 months without an episode, however as we were soon to learn, with epilepsy just when you take one step forward inevitably it ends with two in the opposite direction.

At the height of Samuel’s seizures we were fortunate enough to be gifted a seizure alarm by The Daisy Garland, which allowed us to monitor his seizure activity throughout the night and give us the time to take interventive action before his seizures escalated into anything more serious.

Fast forward to 2022 and Samuel is now no longer on medication and is living his best life. We will be eternally grateful to The Daisy Garland for their help and support and look forward to raising vital finds that will enable them to help so many others in similar situations.

Tracy Carwardine