David Folkman
In April, I will be running four marathons over four consecutive Sundays to raise money for the amazing Daisy Garland charity. Your generosity will help support some 18,000 children in the UK who suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy.
The charity offers a number of ways to help families impacted by the condition, including:
  • funding for ketogenic dietitians who provide guidance and help plan meals,  
  • grants for life saving monitors and special needs equipment,
  • one-to-one and online round the clock support. 
I became involved with the charity through Cheesies, a snack brand that sells a range of products suitable for people on a ketogenic diet. I wanted to do something more to help raise funds so will run four marathons in April - they are Manchester (5th April), Great Wall of China (12th April), Brighton (19th April) and London (26th April). 
Your support will help save lives so please dig deep to raise as much as possible. 
Many thanks, 
David Folkman