Epilepsy affects around 60,000 children in the UK and an epilepsy diagnosis turns families and children's worlds upside down.

The ketogenic diet is a medical-led treatment option for children with difficult to control epilepsy and at Bristol Children’s Hospital we have a brilliant ketogenic service with fabulous dieticians who can support families with the ketogenic diet.  As epilepsy nurses we see first hand how the diagnosis of epilepsy impacts children and their families and we aim to do our very best to help and support these families throughout their epilepsy journey.   The Daisy Garland also support children with epilepsy and their families.

The Daisy Garland is an amazing charity, founded by Daisy’s parents Sara and David. The Ketogenic diet provided seizure freedom for Daisy's treatment resistant epilepsy and it also proved beneficial for her overall development.  Tragically, Daisy died as a result of SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) when she was just 6 years old.  To keep Daisy's memory alive and to help other children like her, Daisy's parents set up The Daisy Garland Charity 💞.  

The Daisy Garland provides vital holistic support and advice for children and families considering or following The Ketogenic diet.  They also fund ketogenic dieticians and provide oxygen saturation monitors/seizure mats helping to keep children with difficult to control epilepsy safe while they sleep.

The Daisy Garland have been hard hit by the knock on effect that COVID has had on charities.  In the last 12 months they have seen over 100 fundraising events cancelled or postponed leaving a huge shortfall in their charity funds.  This is why we want to support them.

Levi and I are privileged to be running/plodding Bristol Half to support The Daisy Garland and the incredible work they do.   Every step of the way we will be motivated knowing that we are doing this for such an amazing charity... and in Daisy's name 💞.

Please dig deep and sponsor us!

Louise Swaine