Sleep is difficult enough as a new mum without adding Epilepsy....everyone deserves worry free sleep!

The Daisy Garland's night time breathing (epilepsy/SATs) monitor programme helps keep children safe at night while they sleep allowing mums and babies rest and rest well.

It is due to The Daisy Garland's support that helped a little girl grow up to be a fabulous four year old, starting school. However Epilepsy still strikes - and it strikes whenever the hell it likes.

A fabulous little 4 year old girl should not have to think of seizures as part of 'normal' life. Epilepsy sucks and strikes at any moment, wherever you are.

In November 2020 The Daisy Garland funded 50 night-time breathing monitor grants to families like us.  A SATs monitor costs £880 and an epilepsy monitor costs £376.  These monitors save lives!

It has been a difficult year for The Daisy Garland with COVID in the mix which has seen over 100 planned fundraising events cancelled.   Because of this they have no more money available to fund monitors at this moment in time.  But our support, and your donation, will help get this programme back on track so that they can fund more monitors in the New Year, helping keep babies and children with epilepsy  safe at night while they sleep.

Thank you for your donation - it really could help save a life 💜

Jodie Wild