We are raising money for this amazing charity who have supported Amelia, who is the granddaughter of one of our colleagues

Amelia is an incredibly brave and courageous 5 year old, who had suffered with Epilepsy since she was 6 months old, following illness with Sepsis.
Amelia suffered with focal epilepsy, and tried and tested a number of medications over the years. Unfortunately towards the end of 2020, her epilepsy took a turn, and she suffered a prolong seizure which lasted for 40 minutes with two failed doses of emergency medication. Following this prolonged seizure, teams looking after Amelia at Great Ormond Street met to discuss her case and determined there was only a 5% chance of them finding any other alternative medication to control her seizures. The alternative option was for Amelia to undergo a type of surgery which was known as a right tempero-occipitio-parietal disconnection. This type of surgery was to remove an abnormal area of tissue from her brain and disconnect another area of the brain. Following a few months of regression and worsening health, Amelia finally underwent the 9 hour surgery in March 2021. She unfortunately lost peripheral vision to her left eye as a result of the surgery, but has gone from strength to strength ever since! She has remained completely seizure free – with her last seizure being the day before surgery, and she has successfully weaned off all medication.
She is now just over one year post op and to date has remained seizure free.

Sara Wiggins