Daisy and I are aiming to walk 100km in January to raise money for The Daisy Garland, a charity which is supporting our family with a SATs monitor for Charlie.
Having these monitors are so important to families who's children have seizures in their sleep. They are life saving and help families just like us! We are very thankful to them for awarding Charlie the monitor.

We have been following The Daisy Garland for a few months now and the support they give to children with Epilepsy is amazing, we want to give a little back to say thank you. There are other children on the waiting list that really need one of these monitors, with fundraising events cancelled due to covid they are desperately needing support.

I hope you can give a little to help us achieve our goal! Thank you so much, Gemma & Daisy x

Update 12 Jan - Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, we really appreciate your support! We've currently walked 63km so over half way there!

Update 21 Jan - today we reached our target of 100km!! YAY! We are so overwhelmed by the support we have received and we're going to keep on walking and try to reach 100 MILES! By the end of January. Wish us luck!

31st Jan - WE DID IT!! 100 Miles! Thank you to everyone who has donated, we appreciate every single one of you. Thank you so so much! Love Gem & Daisy x

Gemma Hobbs