It has almost been a year since my daughter began the Ketogenic diet and I can say at times it has been tough, but those at The Daisy Garland and others on the Keto Café have given us the strength to keep going. On the 23rd March last year, some of you may recognise this date as the day that the 1st lockdown, but for us it has a more significant meaning. It meant starting our Keto journey. Since we have started the diet Evie now has more awareness of the events surrounding her seizures and can recall a lot easier, although we haven't achieved seizure freedom, we still remain hopeful. I am going to be completely honest, starting a diet during this time we faced a mountain of challenges but with the support we had it gave us the strength to tackle our challenges head on. We would love to raise as much money as we can to allow The Daisy Garland to support as families just like mine through their own Keto Journey. Lisa Paskin