I am running this years’ London Marathon on behalf of The Daisy Garland Charity.

Our family friends Leila and Neil Bye’s 12-year-old son Drew suffers from drug-resistant epilepsy.
Drew has severe epilepsy and global development delay (developmentally aged around 6-12 months old). Drew's epilepsy cannot be fixed with medication, so in 2012 Drew started the Ketogenic diet, a special diet for children with difficult to control epilepsy. Because of the diet his seizures reduced considerably giving him the opportunity to learn all the things that you and I take for granted on a daily basis, Things like walking, eating, and talking etc. Unfortunately, Drew doesn’t talk, but his Mum says that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot to say, and I am sure if Drew could talk he would say how much he loves his Mum, Dad and brother Jude, and also how wonderful The Daisy Garland Charity has been.

I am running it to support The Daisy Garland charity, this fabulous charity has supported Leila, Neil and Drew throughout their entire Keto journey offering invaluable advice and wonderful support. As well as funding 26 Daisy Garland Keto dietitians to work in NHS hospitals, they also provide life-saving grants for night-time monitors keeping children like Drew safe at night while they sleep.

Despite the challenges faced every day by Drew, everything he achieves, from sitting to crawling to standing, never fails to amaze and delight everyone that knows him, Drew is a truly amazing young man.

Every step I run, will be run for Drew and The Daisy Garland Charity. So please, please, dig deep in your pockets and purses, and help me raise as much as possible for this truly fantastic charity.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Jason Bodmer