Craig Smith

Firstly, I find it hard to put word to paper about this sort of thing, so please do forgive my shortcomings in this area (people who know what I do for a living would find this ironic).

My nephew has medically uncontrolled epilepsy, he was placed onto the Ketogenic diet to help with uncontrolled seizures. This has resulted in some very interesting struggles and a much more difficult life for my sister in general, especially during the whole Covid-19 situation. Trying to get the correct brand of a particular bit of food whilst limiting your contact with others and the outside world.

To gain an understanding of the difficulties they face daily I have decided to follow his very restrive diet for a short period of time, whilst maintaining my normal daily life. My sweet tooth is already regretting my decision.

As The Daisy Garland has been a huge support to many families struggling to cope with similar circumstances, I've decided to show my support to them during this time and help them to keep doing their work during difficult times.

So I would kindly ask please help me to do so by sponsoring my efforts to raise awareness of the diet and this amazing charity.

Craig Smith