I cannot describe the feeling and emotions that run through me as a parent when my children are sleeping. Arran suffers from absence seizures and Ella suffers from myoclonic and absence seizures. I have been told my children have a lower risk of SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in epilepsy) as they do not suffer from tonic clonic seizures but all the same I am forever making sure they are still breathing when they are sleeping as they tell me they can never say never and I can honestly say this has kept me up at night with a constant fear! So I can only imagine what parents go through who’s children do suffer from tonic clinic seizures.
Imagine being frightened of your children going to sleep in case they have a seizure and never wake up. That is the reality of it. The Daisy Garland provide monitors that alarm when children have seizures so that their parents/guardians can go to them and help them. A SATS monitor costs £880 and an epilepsy monitor costs £376. I would love for us to be able to buy even 1 epilepsy monitor to help these families and gift them with safe sleep for their babies.

Lynn Macquire