We have been inspired as a family by the Captain Tom 100 challenge. We decided to make 100 daisy cookies, 100 daisy cupcakes and a smaller number of daisy pom-poms for The Daisy Garland who have helped our son Lucas. This is why.

Lucas has had epilepsy since he was 4 years old and he is now 11, unfortunately his seizures have increased and changed over the past year. He now has seizures at night aswell as through the day. We are so grateful to The Daisy Garland as we were lucky enough to receive a grant for a SAT's monitor for Lucas. We knew it would give us some peace of mind but didn't realise how quickly it would be used. The second night he had it on it alerted us that something was wrong and Lucas was having a seizure. He would normally have 1-2 big seizures a month so we thought it would be a while before it went off again but we were very wrong as he had 9 big seizures in less than a week. When we say The Daisy Garland is a life saver we truly mean it.

Thank you to everyone who donates and helps us to help more families, love the Dobson family xxxxxx Lisa Dobson