Xander was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2016. At first we thought it would be a case of take some medicine and he will be fine. How wrong we were. Xander has a complex Epilepsy, after many different drugs, hospital stays and watching him slowly become over whelmed with seizures, we were offered the opportunity to try the ketogenic diet and were introduced to the Daisy Garland charity. The ketogenic diet is very time consuming and hard to maintain, but Daisy Garland have been by our side, sending equipment, snacks to try and just being there when things are tough or we’ve just wanted to give up.
Not only have they been there for diet support, but also emotional support, sending things to cheer us, being there to chat, when we’ve needed it the most. It’s so hard to put in to words what this charity means to us. So please if you can support them, we would be so greatful xx

Thomas Potter