Corporate Charity Golf Day

Tracy Carwardine

ActiveQuote has nominated The Daisy Garland as their 2022 charity, and with restrictions now lifted, we are on a mission to raise as much as we can during 2022 to help support the incredible service they provide to families who need it.

Flying Justice

Sara Wiggins

Raising money for The Daisy Garland as one of our work colleagues granddaughter has benefited from this charity.

ActiveQuote 3 Welsh Peaks Challenge

Rob Saunders

Please show your support by sponsoring ActiveQuote staff - your donation will go directly to The Daisy Garland and used to help continue the amazing work they carry out for thousands of families every day.

Jason Bodmer Running the London Marathon 2022

Jason Bodmer

Our friends Leila and Neil Bye's son Drew suffers from drug-resistant epilepsy, and you have been a tower of strength and support to them all, so I hope that I can help play a part in raising funds for you to support other children.

Leila Bye - London Marathon 2022

Leila Bye

Raising much needed funds for The Daisy Garland, through running The London Marathon 2022