Max’s 100km Challenge

Danyelle Lloyd

Max has chosen to raise money for the Daisy Garland because it has helped his friend who has epilepsy.

In Ben's Memory

Emma Hibbert

Funeral Donations


Kimberley Johnson

We are raising money for the amazing Daisy Garland Charity a listening ear and support to so many families!

Purple Day Ros

E Ros French

I am fundraising for Purple Day for The Daisy Garland to help raise awareness and funds for the charity to support children who have drug-resistant epilepsy like my friends little girl.

Lou goes purple for Epilepsy

Louise Foote

Help support the gift of safe sleep for families who have sleep deprivation and night time worry due to their child's seizures.

Maddie’s sponsored scoot

Maddie Thompson

Raising awareness for epilepsy

Ashton's Journey

Tracy Whitelaw

My son has epilepsy and want to give back

Shelley and friends are going PURPLE for the Daisy Garland

Shelley Anderton

As an epilepsy specialist nurse, I am passionate about keeping my adult patients safe but as independent as possible. When I read about Daisy and her death from SUDEP and the charity set up in her name I knew this years Purple day had to be in honour of her memory.

Preece Purple Day

Victoria Preece

My daughter Faith has severe drug resistant epilepsy that we have been battling since she was born. The last 2 years has been a crazy rollercoaster. We began Faith's keto journey last March getting testing etc and we began in July. The Daisy Garland charity has been supporting us since we began.

I am going Purple for The Daisy Garland!

Fiona Law

The Daisy Garland charity really helped me when Megan got diagnosed with epilepsy at a very young age.

Team Macquire

Lynn Macquire

As you are probably aware we have been affected by epilepsy in our family. 2 of our children have been diagnosed with this awful condition and I cannot think of a better charity to raise money for and donate to their gift of safe sleep funds.

Helen and Kelly go purple for safe sleep

Helen Poate

Kelly and I have decided that we would like to dye our hair bright purple to raise vital funds to continue The Daisy Garland's amazing support and donation of safe sleep monitors to families like mine.


Sarah Sugden

Isaac has drug resistant epilepsy, he has tried multiple AED'S and with every one a piece of my little boy slipped away.

Going "Sugar Free" for The Daisy Garland in March

Unverified User

Myself and a group of friends are wanting to raise awareness and support a charity that has supported myself and my daughter through the last year.

Gemma & Daisy's walk 100km in January

Gemma Hobbs

We're raising money for The Daisy Garland to help raise money for them to support families with life saving Epilepsy monitors.


Jodie Wild

A fabulous little 5 year old girl should not have to think of seizures as part of "normal" life. And sleep is difficult enough as a new mum without adding Epilepsy....everyone deserves worry free sleep!

Running the Edinburgh Marathon

Peter Stepan

I'm looking to run my first Marathon in May in Edinburgh, in support of The Daisy Garland charity. If the official event doesn't take place I'll be completing the run in slightly flatter Cheshire. To help motivate me with this I'd like to help out this very valuable cause. My nephew, Artie, has ESES and during his hospital visits both in Bristol and Great Ormond Street Hospital has benefited from The Daisy Garland's support.

Drug-resistant epilepsy: support children like Ava and Daisy this Giving Tuesday

Holly Burchett

I am fundraising for The Daisy Garland this Giving Tuesday because this charity supports children like my daughter Ava who lives with drug-resistant epilepsy. The charity was set up in memory of Daisy Garland and I want to help raise funds to support the important work it does in supporting children and their families by providing grants for life-saving monitors and special needs equipment, as well as funding ketogenic dietitians.

Gateley Gives for The Daisy Garland

Gateley Plc

The Birmingham office of Gateley is a proud supporter of The Daisy Garland.

Through our Gateley Gives charity initiative we will be raising funds to make a real difference to the lives of children with drug-resistant epilepsy and their families.

ActiveQuote 3 Welsh Peaks Challenge

Rob Saunders

Please show your support by sponsoring ActiveQuote staff - your donation will go directly to The Daisy Garland and used to help continue the amazing work they carry out for thousands of families every day.

Conor Scannell London Marathon

Conor Scannell

I'd like to raise money and awareness for children with epilepsy.

Abby runs the London Marathon

Abigail Walker

The Daisy Garland are an amazing charity who have helped my nephew Teddy manage his epilepsy through the Ketogenic diet enabling him to live a more fulfilling life.

Hannah Runs The London Marathon 2020

Unverified User

I am running my first marathon- The London Marathon, to raise money for The Daisy Garland, a charity that supports children with drug-resistant epilepsy.

Sharon's London Marathon 2020

Sharon Sly

I am running the London Marathon in aid of my Granddaughter Amelia.