Celebrate with Teddy

Teddy is celebrating today - 1 year without rescue meds 🎉 Read more

Joy Wrapped in Joy

This is Amelia, she has a rare genetic disease and when she was diagnosed there was about 70 cases known... Read more

Freya's Story

Freya has now been on the diet for almost 2 months and everything is going really well. Read more

Kay's Green Shoots Garden

I have never considered myself a gardener so this is all new to me... a mere 6 years after moving in I finally managed to start my gardening project. Read more

Ella's Story

Within a few weeks I saw positive results. Ella was less sleepy and more alert and we saw our first ever seizure-free day Read more

Ben's Story

A week after his final med was weaned Ben became seizure-free! Read more

Neve's Story

As her medications were reduced so our little girl ‘woke up’. Read more

Ellie's Story

The Daisy Garland was there at the very start of our keto journey and provided us with a Ketogenic Welcome Box full of lots of brilliant things to get our keto journey off to a positive start. Read more

A day in our life with Epilepsy

Hope had a seizure this morning & missed school - the last day of school before Easter, you know the fun ones that we never wanted to miss! Read more

Finn's Story

I quickly got used to our new routine and we’re completely overjoyed with the results we’re seeing. Read more

The final straw

Our daughter has a long list of conditions but ‘drug resistant epilepsy’ was always so scary and one I never thought we’d get on top of … Read more

Sarah Barker Runs the London Marathon

We are unbelievably grateful to busy keto mum and Daisy Garland Trustee, Sarah Barker, for signing up to run the London Marathon raising funds on our behalf. Read more

Hugo's Story

“...with the help of his neuro we decided to get Hugo off all the drugs he was on....” Read more

Rudy's Story

...we began weaning Rudy’s Phenobarbital. The seizures stopped. Just like that! Read more

Lolli’s Story

My daughters journey with epilepsy Read more

Our Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian, Vicki Whiteley, goes Keto!

Vicki Whiteley, our amazing Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian from Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, is going keto to find out how children feel when they start the diet and to trial lots of yummy ketogenic recipes for us! Read more

Lily's Story

Lily's keto journey. My daughter, Lily, is 8 years old and has Gelastic Epilepsy.  She started her ketogenic diet journey with Daisy Garland support in April 2019. Read more

Jessica's Story

“It’s hard to imagine now that she was having up to 50 seizures a day pre-diet!” Read more

Livi's Story

“Within two weeks Livi was completely seizure-free!” Read more