“When our son Finn was 20-months-old we were offered brain surgery to control generalized seizures. We did some research and decided that first we would like to give the ketogenic diet a try. This turned out to be the right decision because Finn was only on the diet for a month before we saw some incredible changes.

From almost the first day on the diet Finn’s seizures decreased dramatically. He became far more alert, happy and engaged and we are now allowing ourselves to dream that Finn might finally have a chance at life.

You often hear that running the diet is hard, but in fact it’s been easy. It’s the seizures that are hard, so in comparison, running the diet feels like such a pleasure. I think I built the diet up in my head, and before we started I was almost scared of the diet, but I quickly got used to our new routine and we’re completely overjoyed with the results we’re seeing.

In the last 12 months he’s not needed any emergency medication, we’ve reduced his AEDs by a third, and there have been no crazy 999 calls in the middle of the night! He smiles, laughs and runs around like such a happy boy and we have keto to thank for that.

So, if you’re thinking of starting the diet, please don’t hesitate. The ketogenic diet is a truly wonderful, potentially life-changing treatment, and is something you mustn’t let pass you by without giving it a go! Good luck!”