“Pre-diet and despite being on a very high dose of 3 AEDs, Ellie was still having 50 myoclonic seizures a day. She was unable to sit, move or hold anything and she hardly made any sounds. Her prognosis was not good.

We started the ketogenic diet under the guidance of a Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian. Ellie is gastrostomy tube fed but after various complications she became the second keto child in the UK to be Jejunostomy fed*.

The Daisy Garland was there at the very start of our keto journey and provided us with a Ketogenic Welcome Box full of lots of brilliant things to get our keto journey off to a positive start, including the all-important kitchen gram scales! Our Daisy Garland Handbook was invaluable to share with the medical team at our local hospital as the doctors and staff there knew very little about the ketogenic diet.

Fast forward 3 years and I’m delighted to report that Ellie is now off the diet and no longer takes anticonvulsants. The ketogenic diet controlled her seizures so well that the only seizure activity we now see are non-intrusive absences. Ellie is crawling, sitting up unaided and making plenty of noise! We can’t thank The Daisy Garland enough for the opportunity of trying this amazing diet and for their continued support, which means so much to us as a family.”

* A jejunostomy tube is a small polyurethane tube which is inserted into your jejunum - the beginning of your small intestines, just below your stomach. Jejunostomy feeding is a safe and effective method of giving liquid nutrition, fluid and medicines to people who need to be fed in a way that bypasses the stomach.