“At 3 months my daughter Ella suffered 3 seizures in quick succession. AEDs were ineffective - she would completely ‘zone out’ spending most of the day sleeping, waking only to feed or to have another seizure. She was soon having up to 100 a day, her development slowed and some days she would be in her own world for hours on end not taking in any of her surroundings or responding to my voice.

Ella started the ketogenic diet when she was 7-months-old and despite being so young she took to the diet really well. Within a few weeks I saw positive results. Ella was less sleepy and more alert and we saw our first ever seizure-free day, which turned into a seizure-free week!

The ketogenic diet has given Ella the opportunity to do all the normal important baby stuff and has vastly reduced her seizures from the 100 a day she was having on medication to none on a good day and up to 5 on a bad day.

Ella still has a long road ahead of her, but I know that continued Daisy Garland support will be sure to keep us both going.”

Parent’s top tip:

“I plan meals on a Sunday in accordance to plans for the week ahead. I always make up a KetoCal drink which is a great stand in meal in case of emergencies, or for when Ella’s feeling poorly preferring the comfort of a bottle to food.”