“Our daughter Jessica has Ring20 Mosaic. Despite a cocktail of anticonvulsants Jessica was having up to 50 seizures a day, some lasting up to 30 minutes. Medication side-effects made her sleepy during the day, severely disrupting her sleep pattern at night and her behaviour became extremely challenging.

Jessica adapted really well to the MCT diet. Although we continued to see some seizure activity it was clear that the diet was having a huge positive impact on her quality of life. Her energy levels returned and she was playing football and attending dance classes again. Working closely with our dietitian and with much patience and a few dietary tweaks the frequency and duration of Jessica’s seizures reduced significantly - her tonic, complex partial, night and cluster seizures no longer exist!

It’s hard to imagine now that she was having up to 50 seizures a day on medications pre-diet! We even managed a family holiday abroad in August thanks to the support and encouragement from Janette, our Daisy Dietitian. We highly recommend the ketogenic diet. It’s time consuming and requires commitment, but it has been our absolute lifeline, as has the support from The Daisy Garland.”

Parent’s top tip:

“Give the diet time and patience and don’t run before you can walk. Start with a couple of basic meals to begin with and build slowly to avoid unnecessary pressure. Don’t underestimate how well children adapt to the diet given the right positive environment and be sure to make school, family and friends aware of the diet, and the need for strict adherence.”