“My daughter Livi was a late walker and unsteady on her feet. When she was 20-months-old I noticed her making strange little movements with her head and hands. Various tests confirmed she had epilepsy and she was prescribed anticonvulsant medication, which unfortunately didn’t control her seizures.

A series of tests and a lumber puncture revealed Livi had GLUT1DS – a rare genetic condition, preventing glucose transportation to the brain. I received a referral for Livi to see a Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian and a week later she started the ketogenic diet. Within 2 weeks Livi was completely seizure-free.

The ketogenic diet has completely controlled Livi’s seizures and as a result we can do things we had never been able to do before. Without Daisy Garland funded support I don’t know what we would have done.”

Parent’s top tip:

“Be creative and make food fun. Present food in funny face shapes (Google is great for inspiration!) Use cocktail sticks, add little princess flags, use different shaped cartons or moulds to make keto food fun, encouraging interest and excitement at mealtimes.”