Hello, we just wanted to share with you that Teddy is celebrating today - 1 year without rescue meds 🎉
Before starting the ketogenic diet just over a year ago Teddy was on 5 AEDs, he’d been in non-convulsive status and had been in hospital for 5 weeks, intubated in PICU, having rescue medicine every day, sometimes 5 times a day once he was back on the ward with seizures being allowed to go on for an hour before they would administer meds and his EEGs showed seizures without clinical presentation.
Since the diet he has weaned down to only 1 AED, he hasn’t had any hospital admissions for seizures since being in ketosis, he has had upto 4 weeks between seizures, the seizures he does have are very short and a lot less intense, his extended EEG 6 months ago showed no seizures, he is more alert and awake, he has learnt to smile and laugh and our whole family’s quality of life has improved.
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou The Daisy Garland and to all the lovely supportive families in this special group 💜💜💜 x x x