"I honestly can’t thank you enough for all of your help. Receiving a SATs monitor for Aaliyah means that I can finally sleep. I haven’t slept at night since September 2019 and instead have to sleep when she’s at college three days a week. It’s been so difficult, especially with her two younger brothers to care for too. It means I can finally relax a little when Aaliyah goes to sleep and not worry that she will stop breathing without me being aware of it. This means peace of mind, a little security and definitely more sleep for me! 
Aaliyah is overjoyed that she is receiving the monitor, she said she will be far less scared to go to sleep now and she knows I’ll be alerted when she stops breathing if her oxygen levels drop. We both cried tears of relief when I got the email telling us that Aaliyah would receive the monitor, it’s been a long and scary road for both of us."