This is Alfie….
Our gorgeous, kind, funny, talented, popular, lovable boy, who 8 months ago was diagnosed with generalised Epilepsy after suffering with horrific seizures that occurred during the night in his sleep. 

It came as a shock to our family, especially given the fact that Alfie was a perfectly healthy, athletic teenager. 

It changed our lives in an instant. 

The seizures became more and more frequent, it’s a truly awful thing to see your child go through, and very scary. 

We went to bed each night worried sick about what might happen, resulting in a severe lack of sleep for us a parents, even his little sister (Holly, 6 years old) worried about him going to sleep at night and insisted that we leave her bedroom door open so that she could listen out for him like we were doing. 

We tried an audio monitor but I found myself waking up with every little sound and having to run to his room to check on him. 

We were advised by Alfie’s nurse to apply for a grant which if successfully would supply us with an epilepsy monitor which alerts us of specific seizure movement with an alarm. 

We were reluctant to turn to charity, but since we could never afford such technology and were so distressed with worry and lack of sleep we decided it was our best option. 

Our application was dealt with super efficiently, with kindness and understanding from lovely people at The Daisy Garland. 

After being successful with our application we received the epilepsy monitor in the post and fitted it to Alfie’s bed immediately. 

It’s given us peace of mind that we had become so desperate for. 

The technology is amazing and without charity’s like this, families like us wouldn’t be able to benefit from such life changing equipment. 

With all our hearts we thank you. 

Eternally grateful.