"Bella is our beautiful girl, who has had many struggles. Bella is autistic, non verbal and blind.  Unfortunately she has now been diagnosed with epilepsy.  Bella was not born blind, unfortunately she collapsed in January 2021 and after collapsing she went blind.  She is so very brave and amazes us daily.  However thanks to The Daisy Garland we now have an epilepsy monitor, which allows us to sleep knowing she is being safely monitored.  

Before we got in touch with The Daisy Garland, my husband was sleeping on the floor next to Bella’s bed.  This was a necessity due to the fact that all 4 times Bella collapsed due to seizures, it was in the bedroom and she stopped breathing.   As you can imagine this is a parent’s worst nightmare and to say we have not slept properly for a year is no exaggeration. 

However, now we have a Daisy epilepsy monitor, it alerts us to any significant movement and is invaluable.  We don’t know how to thank The Daisy Garland, they have certainly given us reassurance and probably saved a child’s life.   Thank you so much."