Brody is an identical twin to Myles, who is a typical almost 2 year old. Brody has significant brain damage which includes cerebral palsy, epilepsy and CVI meaning he is certified as visually impaired. He is also peg fed. The Daisy Garland funded a SATs monitor for us so that we can monitor Brody's heart rate and oxygen levels overnight- if either of these things significantly change it can indicate Brody is about to have, or having a seizure. The SATs monitor has given my husband and I peace of mind, that when Brody is in bed and we aren't with him, he is safe. Prior to using the SATs monitor, we were checking on him constantly through the night and I was terrified I'd go in to find him mid- seizure, alone and scared. The monitor is allowing me to close my eyes and relax at night, knowing if anything starts to happen, we would be alerted. I can't even begin to thank The Daisy Garland for what they've done.