I simply can not express how grateful we are to The Daisy Garland and everyone who supports it, those who fundraise and those who donate their time or money we are as family forever grateful. Chloe has been supported by The Daisy Garland when she tried the ketogenic diet, I was so moved when the welcome pack arrived, alongside the support of all those in the Keto Cafe it made us feel not alone in this crazy adventure which family and friends didn’t quite understand. Chloe unfortunately has been having a lot of nasty seizures at night time lately, which as resulted in a lot of fear throughout the household. Her little sisters are struggling to fall asleep and constantly wake to check on her. I try to stay awake all night or sleep by her bedroom door because we are all so worried we won’t be able to hear her. Chloe carries a lot of undeserved guilt about this and is constantly woken by everyone checking on her. Stress and lack of sleep is a big trigger for Chloe so the donation of the Daisy Garland Epilepsy Monitor not only gives us all the reassurance to all hopefully get a bit of sleep in are own beds knowing we will be alerted if needed but it may also help reduce Chloe’s seizures and gives her the privacy she deserves. Receiving a email that Chloe would be receiving the monitor was the best news we’ve received in a very long time, so from a very exhausted mum and 3 fabulous little girls thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.