Devon-Louise and the whole family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts after recently receiving Devon's Daisy Garland SATs monitor. This monitor is going to be life changing for all of us. Devon suffers from mainly nocturnal seizures meaning over the past four years Devon's dad and myself have spent countless sleepless nights due to the fear that something may happen to Devon whilst she is sleeping, and the little sleep we did get was usually under a blanket on Devon's bedroom floor. Unless you have ever experienced increased sleep deprivation you will never understand the deep impact it has on your day to day lives, some days even getting dressed or making it to the school gates on time was seen as a little victory. We have had nights when Devon has been to scared to go to sleep incase in her words "she doesn't wake up" and now she has her monitor she has said she "feels a lot better knowing she has a special machine to keep her safe at bedtime". So a 1,000 thank you's The Daisy Garland you are amazing and we will be forever grateful. All our love xx