This is Elijah, he’s just turned six and is possibly the cheekiest monkey on the planet. We have just received a Daisy Garland SATs monitor and just cannot put into words the peace of mind it will give us. Elijah can’t tell us if he is feeling strange or poorly so we rely on ourselves watching for signs throughout the day and night. This year has been particularly challenging for him, his sixth birthday last month was spent in paediatric intensive care, but he is now back at home and can sleep in his own bed.  Our Daisy monitor will mean that as parents we will also get some sleep rather than sitting up, waiting, watching and listening.

When our monitor arrived it had a note attached to say it had been funded by the Grant family in memory of their son,Teddy.  We will never meet the Grant family, but I hope they see this message.  From the bottoms of our hearts we would like to say a very big thank you to the Grant family.  Thank you for helping us.