We would like to thank those at The Daisy Garland, for funding our SATs monitor for our precious son Elijah. Elijah has a very complex health history already which includes Multi Cystic Dysplastic Kidney, two holes in his heart, early infant encepathology epilepsy, infantile spasms as well as a rare chromosome condition called IDIC 15. 
He is constantly in and out of hospital but now having our Daisy Garland SATs monitor it means we know his oxygen levels and know when it is vital to seek medical help without always needing to have a hospital admission. 
Elijah’s seizures tend to cause his heart rate to rise prior to it happening which means we are alerted and ready to comfort and administer medication if needed. Without this we wouldn’t know until a seizure was actually happening and it also means that we can sleep knowing we will be alerted to any concerns based around his heart rate or saturation levels. Thank you so much, we can now ensure we have the energy needed to enjoy life to the max as a family x