Following the birth of my daughter Ella, life seemed absolutely perfect, but at the tender age of three months Ella suffered three seizures in quick succession.  Anticonvulsant medication proved ineffective in controlling her seizures.  She would completely ‘zone out’ spending most of the day sleeping, waking only to feed or to have yet another seizure.  Her seizures quickly escalated until she was having up to a hundred a day.  Her development slowed and some days she would be 'in her own world' for hours on end not taking in any of her surroundings or responding to my voice.  

When Ella was admitted to hospital for a week-long EEG her consultant told me about the ketogenic diet, putting us in touch with Janette a Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitian.  After a long chat with Janette I decided that this was the best next option for us.

Ella started the ketogenic diet when she was seven months old and despite being so young she took to the diet very well.  Within a few weeks I saw positive results - Ella was less sleepy and more alert and we saw our first ever seizure free day, which turned into a seizure free week!   

The ketogenic diet has given Ella the opportunity to do all the normal important baby stuff and has vastly reduced her seizures from the hundred a day she was having on medication to none on a good day and up to five on a bad day.

We cannot thank The Daisy Garland enough for their help and support, not only in funding Ella’s ketogenic dietitian and sending us a fabulous Welcome Box to get our keto journey off to a positive start, but also for giving us a grant for an epilepsy monitor, which considerably reduces bedtime stress.  Ella still has a long road ahead of her, but I know that continued Daisy Garland support will keep us both going.