We are so grateful for our Daisy Garland SATs monitor.  Life has been quite a roller coaster since Elsie's epilepsy diagnosis.  We have had lots of trips to hospital and endless sleepless nights in an attempt to keep Elsie safe.  Flinching at every slight noise and then waking up to the cry of your baby knowing all the signs are there that she has had a seizure is really upsetting.

Our Daisy monitor alerts us to seizure activity so we can get to Elsie quickly preventing her from going through life-threatening seizures alone.  It means we can now be at her side within seconds to comfort her and keep track of what's happening.  We can now give our consultant a full description of Elsie's night-time seizures along with how long each seizure is lasting.   This information will help our consultants who are currently trying to adjust Elsie's medication in the hope of gaining better seizure control.

We can never thank The Daisy Garland enough for their support, especially in times like this [COVID-19].  Our main aim at the moment is to do everything we can to keep Elsie out of hospital and our monitor is helping us do this.  Thank you Daisy Garland! from Emma, Mike and Elsie xxx