As a new mum to epilepsy in 2014 we found out quite early on that Emily's seizures were drug resistant, so we were put onto the keto diet in 2016 for 2 years. Wow!! What a change!! Turned our world upside down. We were given all of these company's details we could contact for support, one being The Daisy Garland.  Absolutely amazing, they sent me out a starter box with lots of goodies inside to make life a little easier including.... and on the Facebook page always lots of advice and support.

Now 2021 as Emily's seizure have increased and she is having nocturnal Grand Mals, I again turned to The Daisy Garland for help and just after days of contact and completing a simple form, we have been granted a monitor for Emily's bed, to help us be made aware of these horrible seizures happening. This means she will get any treatment necessary quicker and so I can be by her side from the moment one starts.

This is massive for us as a family, maybe we will be able to sleep better knowing that we will be alerted through the night...

Thank you to The Daisy Garland we are forever grateful.