Our Daisy Garland SATs monitor arrived the next day! It’s amazing and such a reassurance. We’ve been able to use it in the day a little too for checking in when Evelina hasn’t quite seemed herself and it’s great to know that we know that we can be confident with Evelina’s sats and HR. 

Thank you so much for all of your help and support already. It is so great to know we have access to families going through similar experiences, especially when we are just starting Evelina’s Keto journey. It’s a very new and overwhelming experience so it does take the edge off being able to read how others have navigated it. 

 We’ve now met with all the lovely team in Manchester and we’re just waiting to start! We’ll be carrying on Evelina’s blended diet so I’ll be scouring the Facebook page as I know it’s a brilliant resource there.