When we received Freddie’s diagnoses we didn’t really know what to expect and definitely didn’t expect the rollercoaster we have been on so far! With Freddie suffering with most of his seizures throughout the night - this means as a mum I do not sleep as much as I should due to worry and anxiety and seizures happening most nights. I was searching for a way to find some peace of mind and to protect our little Freddie… that’s when I came across The Daisy Garland - I spoke with Nikki regarding a monitor for Freddie she was open to help and supported throughout the whole process and made it so much easier…. Thanks to The Daisy Garland we now have our epilepsy monitor on the way - for us as a family it means so much - I can’t thank you enough for your help! Freddie also sends a big Thank you and a cheeky smile to you all xx