"Freya has now been on the diet for almost 2 months (where does the time go?!) and everything is going really well. She has coped with the immense changes amazingly well and has overcome her needle phobia with the twice daily finger prick tests.  We couldn’t be prouder!  And the best thing of all is that her seizures have dramatically reduced.  She’s gone from having 1000’s most days to just 10’s and, not only that, but her mood and energy are greatly improved as well. 

We are very familiar with ‘honeymoon’ periods with meds but this is the longest we’ve had by a long stretch, so we are very much enjoying it.  We are hoping it lasts but even if it doesn’t, we’ll be forever grateful for this lovely time we’ve had together over the last 2 months. 

We are really grateful for the [Daisy Garland Welcome] Box that we received at the start.  Most of it has been used many times now. When we received it Freya thought it was Christmas Day, she thoroughly enjoyed tearing through all of the items and it was a lovely pick-me-up when she was less than impressed at the changes she was facing. 

Thank you again for all that you do."