I have struggled a lot over the past two years with Harlows diagnosis to even the support for him to be put into place. We thought we got to a good place but then January 23 came and he was set back in everything after a week of horrendous prolonged episodes. He now is going back in walking, toileting, behaviour, sight and mobility which the doctors are struggling to find out why his health is deteriorating. Since I got in touch with The Daisy Garland I have had nothing but kindness and support! They have granted us a full grant for a Daisy Garland Epilepsy Monitor which will massively improve our lives such a small thing but it makes such a huge difference to our life’s and Harlows. We don’t have the worry at night or when he’s poorly that someone has to monitor him all the time and I honestly am so grateful I can’t express in words how much this means to us so thank you so very much! ❤️