Thank you so much to all at The Daisy Garland for funding our epilepsy monitor. Our daughter Honour was born with cysts on the brain, and as a result large parts of her brain didn't form, including the corpus callosum, which joins the two hemispheres together, this means Honour has severe learning difficulties and also severe epilepsy. She started having seizures when she was around 6 months old and we've tried every possible anti-epileptic drug available and the ketogenic diet but these have never made Honour seizure free. In 2021 Honour had a VNS machine fitted in her chest which has slightly improved her seizure frequency but not completely, Honour is now 13 and due to almost all of her seizures occurring at night she still sleeps in our bed in between my wife and I as we're so scared to put her in her own bed for her own safety, this monitor will allow us to try and get Honour into her own bed and give her some independence which is so important as she gets older. Honour has had so much happen to her in her life, but she is so brave and happy and she amazes us all everyday. Honour has an older brother, Reggie 15, and a younger sister, Willow 10, and they are so protective about her, if everyone in life was like Honour the world would be a much better place. Once again thank you to everyone at The Daisy Garland for this monitor, and to all supporting this wonderful charity.