Leo is nearly 12 years old and has suffered with seizures from the age of 6 months. Initially it was thought that his seizures where febrile and he would grow out of them.  He was prescribed medication which did not stop the seizures and at the age of 6 he had a very bad seizure where he had to be sedated and transferred to Great Ormond Street where we nearly lost him.

Leo has been on a number of different medications, some with bad reactions, but despite these meds he continues to have breakthrough seizures including night time seizures. His epilepsy is wide ranging which has a huge impact on his day to day life and independence.  Leo had a near fatal seizure last year, where we nearly lost him. After 2 weeks in hospital he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a heart condition and the possibility of being on the spectrum which all of which have a negative impact on his epilepsy.

With the support of The Daisy Garland charity we have been lucky enough to be awarded a SATs monitor which gives Leo the independence a 12 year boy of his age needs.   It also gives our family the peace of mind that he can sleep in his own bed safely, knowing that we will be alerted if and when he needs emergency assistance. I would like to thank The Daisy Garland for the support they have given to me and my boy xxx”