Last night my amazing girl took her last dose of epilepsy medication! On Monday she will also be 6 months seizure free. 

What a rollercoaster few years it has been, many trips in ambulances and nights spent in hospital on the high dependency unit.  Some of her seizures lasting up to three hours. I can't tell you how many hours of my life have been spent sat feeling helpless as the doctors try everything they can to stop these life-threatening seizures. Seizures that are resistant to daily anticonvulsant medication.  

So it's hard to believe that a diet alone has stopped Lil's seizures!

The transition onto the ketogenic diet was hard work but we stayed patient and got there in the end,  The benefits we have seen as a result of the diet have definitely made all the hard work worth it. Not only has the ketogenic diet stopped Lils seizures, but her development has come on so much since starting the diet.  Her concentration and eye contact have improved so much too and hopefully in the near future she may even say her 1st words.

I love Lils so much.  She is the most beautiful, strong girl I know. Whatever life throws at her she always starts the day with the biggest smile on her face and I am so very proud to call her my daughter xx