Thank you Daisy Garland, we cannot wait to try our Daisy Garland SATs monitor. Livia has tuberous sclerosis, a multi system condition which is caused by a genetic mutation in the TSC1 gene. She has multiple tubers and a tumour in her brain which are the main cause behind her drug resistant epilepsy.  Livia is currently on 4 antiepileptic drugs plus the ketogenic diet and continues to have uncontrolled seizures. Her seizure burden is unpredictable and impacts her quality of life. Currently Livia struggles with seizures both in the day and night.  During the night Livia, generally, has 1-4 seizures but can be more when she clusters reaching 7+. Seizures happens at various times of the night, they tend to wake her up and leave her unsettled/crying. Each time, we need to physically get up and check she is breathing/not suffocating against pillow/sheets, check she is not bleeding as sometimes she bites her tongue from clenching. At the same time, we also need to monitor the length and count of seizure activity as she may need rescue medication. This also makes us on high alert for sudep. At the moment, Livia sleeps next to us as the current camera is set up to alert movement and this is not always enough to detect activity. As a family we cannot wait to try the Daisy Garland SATs monitor which will hopefully allow us to move Livia into her own room whilst keeping us alert for seizure activity and perhaps finally allowing us as parents a much more restful and much needed sleep.