We have recently received our epilepsy monitor kindly donated by The Daisy Garland. From the moment we applied we have felt such love and compassion from such a wonderful team, Nikki especially. Our beautiful boy Logan had his first ever seizure on 10th February this year, as he fell to the floor my heart fell with him.  He ended up in resus that day and we almost lost him. From that moment on Logan’s epilepsy has been explosive. He has endless seizures, of all types, and has had multiple hospital admissions.  He has been in hospital for a total of 8 weeks during the last 2 1/2 months. Logan has complex drug- resistant epilepsy, with a possible diagnosis of Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. In the last 3 months Logan has tried many anticonvulsant drugs and steroids; he has had multiple scans and general anaesthetics, a severe allergic reaction, a lumbar puncture and a covid 19 scare. We now know that Logan has 15q11.2 duplication syndrome and was always going to develop epilepsy - he was a walking ticking time bomb and we had no idea. My boy is everything to me, to us.   He has been a fighter from the start.  Diagnosed with autism and global development delay at 3 years, non-verbal and hyper-mobile, he has not once complained as these hideous seizures take control of his beautiful mind and his precious body. He is now so fragile, every time he falls into another seizure a piece of me shatters with him. Reaching out to The Daisy Garland was such an easy process, even during all this madness and COVID-19 lockdown.   The Daisy Garland welcomed our monitor application, which in itself was simple to fill in, not like the endless forms us parents are used to.   We had been living in a bubble at the hospital for so long that I found coming home so daunting.  We were on our own at home without the specialists, the nurses, the equipment.. it was still all so fresh to us. We stepped out of hospital and into the crazy world that is Covid 19.   My boy is on high dose steroids so is very susceptible to illness and we must do all we can to shield and protect him. Having The Daisy Garland provide us with an epilepsy monitor was added amour that we could use to battle on. Within 24hrs of receiving the wonderful news that we had been accepted for a grant I took delivery of our monitor. Beautifully packaged with simple instructions it took just a few minutes to set up. I was overjoyed that it came with a pager as being disturbed by an alarm could actually send Logan into a seizure.  The settings available with this specific monitor are brilliant and suit a range of needs and is already proving to be a huge success. Logan has multiple seizure types and this monitor picks up the slightest change or seizure movement. Just yesterday he was having a nap and I stepped away from the baby monitor which we use to watch him and within seconds the alarm on our Daisy monitor sounded. I was able to get to my son within seconds and comfort and treat him. It also alarms when he decides to vacate the bed which is a great asset to us as Logan does like to wander unexpectedly. We are still very new to all of this, but having the help and support of The Daisy Garland has made our difficult existence that much easier.  Just having that piece of mind that when we do need rest, someone else (the epilepsy monitor), is watching over our precious boy. I cannot thank The Daisy Garland team enough for the difference they have made to our lives. I will be forever grateful to The Daisy Garland for their help and support and for the peace of mind this monitor has brought to our lives.