After a perfectly normal pregnancy – I ate and did all the right things - Micah was born on 9th July 2017, a healthy, beautiful little boy: our first child. All went well for the first six months, the odd bit of reflux every now and then but nothing out for the ordinary. Micah met his first milestone and smiled on time, and he went on smiling. Then, in December, I noticed he was a little behind with his development and one of his hands twitched, daily.

On 25th January 2018 the worst happened, late at night Micah had his first seizure. The following five months became a nightmare of hospital admittances and stays in intensive care. As Micah’s seizures escalated so did the list of drugs he was given. By September he was having upwards of a hundred seizures a day and taking five anticonvulsant drugs, plus four other meds to deal with the anticonvulsant side-effects. I was scared beyond words! In the midst of all this darkness I discovered The Daisy Garland, learned about the ketogenic diet and pushed for Micah to start it.

My little boy is almost two years old, he hasn’t rolled over, crawled, taken his first steps or even spoken his first words. But, I am looking forward to achieving all of these things on the ketogenic diet and once we have weaned Micah off the cocktail of drugs he is taking.

The Daisy Garland has done so much for us, thanks to them we are on the ketogenic diet and we have a SATs monitor, but more than that I look forward to the future.  The Daisy Garland has given me hope that the future is not bleak.