Our daughter, Millie, is eight years old.  She was born a healthy baby but at eighteen months old she started to lose skills and struggle.  At the age of three and a half years she suffered her first seizure.  We were in hospital for a month where Millie was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Part of this debilitating neurological syndrome is drug-resistant epilepsy, and since her very first seizure we have struggled to get her epilepsy under control in an attempt to keep her as safe as possible. Our Daisy Garland Epilepsy monitor helps us do this.  This incredible piece of equipment alarms alerting us to Millie's night time seizures. Knowing this gives us such peace of mind.

Through every challenge Millie has been faced with she never fails to inspire us and make us smile. She has taught us important life lessons and we will always do our absolute best for her.  Thank you Daisy Garland for all you have done to help our family