With our Daisy SATs monitor in place I have to say I can go to sleep feeling reassured and relaxed knowing that if Nabiha were to suffer a seizure the monitor would alert us.  Nabiha feels  reassured too. This makes a huge difference to the usual worry of getting up numerous times during the night to check up on Nabiha. Thank you to The Daisy Garland for providing us with our monitor grant. We as parents always have the worry of SUDEP*/injury caused by epilepsy at the back of our minds. Now at least we can relax and get more of a decent night's sleep knowing our daughter is safe to some extent.  Thank you so much Daisy Garland for all your support and help in receiving the monitor.   People like you make a huge difference for us worried parents. ❤❤❤

*Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy