"I’m so excited to hear of the good news! Your award of a full grant to my son Nathan, for a Daisy Garland epilepsy monitor is immensely appreciated. It would mean that Nathan can have prompt and necessary care and attention throughout the night and during his sleep. Not only will this minimise disruption to his sleep but it will also improve the quality of his sleep with the positive impact this will have on his safety and well being.

Nathan's respite carers will be equally delighted as this will allay their fears and anxieties, in particular, how to better monitor and respond quickly to Nathan’s care needs night time when he is sleeping.

Apart from helping to lessen the pressure on my finances, it’s a psychological boost as I’m now at ease knowing I can monitor Nathan’s sleep closely and better equipped to provide him with timely and more responsive attention as and when needed which should should have a positive impact on the collective efforts to treat his seizures.

Once again, thank you so much to The Daisy Garland for their kindness and generosity."