Hi, My name is Olivia-Mae, I am 10yrs old and I live with my two mummies and my two dogs (my best friends). 

I have been having seizures since I was 8wks old. In November 2021 my seizures became a lot worse and very scary, I began to feel very anxious and scared and my mummies too.

My mummy wrote to The Daisy Garland charity to see if they could offer me and my family support with a seizure monitor, as we felt this would help us all to cope in this new strange world.

The Daisy Garland charity have been a life changer for me and my family as they granted me an epilepsy monitor of which we are truly grateful to the charity for. I have included a picture of me the night before my world changed.

Mine and my mummies moto is "stay strong, be brave, we can do this".

Thank you once again to The Daisy Garland charity.

Love Olivia-Mae and her two mummies